Instruments designed for the advancement  
of censorship and deprevation in the  
twentyfirst century.  

HEADBOX 1988. naugahyde,rope,accuostic tile,padlocks,hardware... Photos:M.Mitchell
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MEDIACAGE 1988. pvc,plywood,light fixture,

These works were created in response to frequent government attacks on public speech. Inspired by images and tools of the Inquisition, they stand as a testament to how far we still need to go to protect our human rights.
AUTO STRANGULATION DEVICE 1988. naugahide, satin, concave mirror, hardware... "Where everything is bad, it must be good to know the worst."
T.W. Adorno
CASTLE 1988. prefab dog house, astroturf, video loop installation... TALK TO US
All images designed, built, and copyright, JC Garrett 2001
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